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  第一部分 英语知识应用

  第一節 单项填空


  1.—Sorry, I forgot to lock the door.

  —______ Mike can do it later..

  No way B. Take your time C. Nothing serious D. You're welcome

  2.You _____be careful with the camera. It costs!

  A .must B. may C. can D.will

  3.The books on the desk, covers are shiny,are prizes for us.

  A.which B.what C.whose D.that

  4.More expressways in Sichuan soon to promote the local economy.

  A.are being built B.will be built C.have been built D.had been built

  5.Brian is gifted in writing music;he is very likely to be Beethoven.

  A.a B.an C.the D.不填

  6.There is only one more day to go your favorite music group play live.

  A.since B. until C.when D. before

  7.Andy is content with the toy.It is he has ever got.

  A.a better B.the better C.a best D.the best

  8.The exhibition tells us we should do something to stop air pollution.

  A.where B.why C.what D.which

  9.Little Tom sat watching the monkey dancing in front of him.

  A.amaze B.amazing C.amazed D.to amaze

  10.Niki is always full of ideas,but is useful to my knowledge.

  A.nothing B.no one C.neither D.none

  第二節 完形填空


  My previous home had a stand of woods behind it and many animals in the backyard.That first year,I___feeding peanuts to the blue jays,then the squirrels.The squirrels had no____and didn’t escape.When I threw carrot slices(薄片),they even came for a nibble(啃).Slowly they came to____me,and by the end of the year they were eating out of my hand.

  That second year,the rabbits_____me,and one would even sit up for slices!While I was feeding them,i____that a groundhog who used to run away was now talking an______interest in this food situation.I carefully extended a long______,with a keen eye on those teeth,and ___,there were times I would have the groundhog sitting next to a rabbit,both munching(津津乐道的品味) On carrots.Afew months later,while ___20___,she would even turn her back to me.___21_

  When she was facing away,I reached out and ___22__scratched(搔)her back with my finger,She

  Didn’t move.

  By year three,the rabbits and the groundhog were back.The ground hog ___23__didn’t have a problem with me scratching her back,and I got an ides,I’d always___24__,while sclcing uo carrots,that the end looked like a cap.____25___one day,just to see what she would do ,Igently ____26__ one on top of the groundhog’s head.Again,not a ___27__,The next time, Ihad my camera ready to record what you see here,one of several dozen such pictures,____28___she had a slice to eat,she never ___29___ the one of her head.It was a fair __30__ —I got a pleasure,and she had yet another tasty treat.

  A.avoided B.started C.canceled D.suggested

  A.business B.fun C.problem D.privilege

  A.help B.cheat C.threat D.exception

  A.trust B.miss C.admire D.appreciate

  A.feared B.ignored C.discovered D.remembered

  A.proved B.decided C.noticed D.understood

  A.extreme B.increasing C.additional D.inspiring

  A.squirrel B.rabbit C.peanut D.carrot

  A.before long B.long ago C.over and over D.all over again

  A.eating B.playing C.sitting D.sleeping

  A.Next B.Once C.Soon D.Lately

  A.carefully B.suddenly C.violently D.patiently

  A.also B.thus C.just D.still

  A.thought B.doubted C.admitted D.recognised

  A.While B.Or C.So D.For

  A.fixed B.placed C.hung D.kept

  A.tremble B.move C.delay D.hesitation

  A.Even if B.Ever since C.As far as D.So long as

  A.welcomed B.required C.bothered D.expected

  30.A.trade B.competition C.task D.affair

  第二部分 浏览懂得




  31. The card above is_________

  A. a ticket B. a postcard

  C. an invitation D. an advertisement

  32. The party is for_________

  A. a birthday

  B. the Queen

  C. bee watching

  D. the National Day

  33.Accordoing to the card ,if you are unable to go ,you can .

  A.return the card

  B.visit the Museum

  C.ignore the message

  D.contact Alice’mother


  Nothing could stop Dad. After he was put on disability for a bad back, he bought a small farm in the country, just enough to grow food for the family. He planted vegetables, fruit trees and even kept bees for honey.

  And every week he cleaned Old Man McColgin's chicken house in exchange for manure(肥料). The Smell really burned the inside of your nose. When we complained about the terrible smell, Dad said the stronger the manure, the healthier the crops, and he was right. For example, just one of his cantaloupes filled the entire house with its sweet smell, and the taste was even sweeter.

  As the vegetables started coming in, Dad threw himself into cooking. One day, armed with a basket of vegetables, he announced he was going to make stew(炖菜).Dad pulled out a pressure cooker and filled it up with cabbages, eggplants, potatoes, corns, onions and carrots. For about half an hour. the pressure built and the vegetables cooked. Finally, Dad turned off the stove, the pot began to cool and the pressure relief valve sprayed out a cloud of steam. If we thought Dad's pile of chicken manure。was bad, this was 10 times worse. When Dad took off the lid, the smell nearly knocked us out.

  Dad carried the pot out and we opened doors and windows to air out the house. Just how bad was it? The neighbors came out of their houses to see if we had a gas leak!

  Determined, Dad filled our plates with steaming stew and passed them around it didn’t look that bad, and after the first wave had shut down my ability to smell, it didn’t offend the nose so much, edible, and we drank up every last drop of soup.

  34. Why did Dad clean Old Man Mocolgin’s chicken house regularly?

  A. To earn some money for the family.

  B. To collect manure for his crops.

  C. To get rid of the terrible smell.

  D. To set a good example to us.

  35. What can we infer about Dad’s stew?

  A. It is popular among the neighbors.

  B. It contains honey and vegetables.

  C. It looks very wonderful.

  D. It tastes quite delicious.

  36. What does the underlined word “offend” in the last paragraph mean?

  A. To attrct

  B. To upset

  C. To air

  D. To shut

  37. What can we learn about Dad form the text?

  A. He is an experienced cook.

  B. He is a troublesome father.

  C. He has a positive attitude to life.

  D. He suffers a lot from his disability.


  Across Britain,burnt toast will be served to mothers in bed this morning as older sons and daughters to deliver their supermarket bunches of flowers,But,according to a new study,we should be placing a higher value on motherhood all year.

  Mothers have long known that their home worked was just heavy as paid work.Now,the new study has shown that if they were paid for their parental labours,they would earn as much as$172,000 a year.

  The study looked at the range of jobs mothers do,as well as the hours they are working,to determine the figure.This would make their yearly income $3000 more than the Prime Minister earns.

  By analysing the numbers,it found the average mother works 119 hours a week,40 of which would usually be paid at a standard rate 79 hours as overtime.After questioning 1,000 mothers with children under 18,it found that ,on mmost days,mums started their routine work at 7am and finished at around 11pm.

  To calculate just how much mothers would earn from that labour,it suggested some of the roles that mums could take on,including housekeeper,part-time lawyer,personal trainer and entertainer.being a prt-time laeyer,at $48.98 an hour,would prove to be the most profitable of the “mum jibs”,with psychologist(心思学家)a close second.

  It also asked mothers about the challenges they face,with 80 percent making emotional(感情的) emand as the hardest thing about motherhood.

  Over a thord of mums felt they needed more training angd around half said they missed going out with friends.

  The study shoes mothers marter all year long and not just on,Mother’s Day.The emotional,physical and mental energy mothers devote to their chilren can be necer-ending,but children are alos sources of great joy and happiness.Investing(投入)in time for parenting and raising relationships is money well spent.

  38.How much would a mother earn a year if working as the Prime Minister?

  A.£30,000. B.£142,000.

  C.£172,000. D.£202,000.

  39.The biggest challenge for most mothers is from .

  A.emotional demand B.low pay for work

  C.heavy workload D.lack of training

  40.What is stressed in the last paragraph?

  A.Mothers’importance shows in family all year long.

  B.The sacrifices mothers make are huge but worhwhile.

  C.Mothers’devotion to children can hardly be calculated.

  D.Investing time in parenting would bring a financial return.

  41.What can we conclude from the study?

  A.Mothers’working hours should be largely reduced.

  B.Mothers should balance their time for work and rest.

  C.Mothers’labour is of a higher value than it is realised.

  D.Mothers should be freed from housework for social life.


  Their cheery song brightens many a winter's day. But robins are in danger of wearing themselves out by singing too much. Robins are singing all night一as well as during the day,British-based researchers say.

  David Dominoni, of Glasgow University, said that light from street lamps, takeaway signs and homes is affecting the birds' biological clock, leading to them being wide awake when they should be asleep.

  Dr Dominoni, who is putting cameras inside nesting boxes to track sleeping patterns, said lack of sleep could put the birds'health at risk.His study shows that when robins are exposed to light at night in the lab, it leads to some genes being active at the wrong time of day. And the more birds are exposed to light, the more active they are at night.

  He told people at a conference, "There have been a couple of studies suggesting they are increasing their song output at night and during the day they are still singing. Singing is a costly behaviour and it takes energy.So by increasing their song output, there mtgrit be some costs of energy."

  And it is not just robins that are being kept awake by artificial light. Blackoiids and seagulls are also being more nocturnal. Dr Dominoni said, "In Glasgow where I live, gulls are a serious problem.I have people coming to me saying `You are the bird expert. Can you help us kill these gulls?'.During the breeding(繁殖)season,between April and June,they are very active at night and very noisy and people can't sleep."

  Although Dr Dominoni has only studied light pollution,other research concluded that robins living in noisy cities have started to sing at night to make themselves heard over loud noise.

  However, some birds thrive(旺盛)in noisy environments. A study from California Polytechnic University found more hummingbirds in areas with heavy industrial machinery. It is thought that they are capitalising on their predators(天敌)fleeing to quieter areas.

  42. According to Dr Dominoni's study,what causerrobins to sing so much?

  A. The breeding season. B. The light in modem

  C. The dangerous environment. D. The noise from heavy machinery.

  43. What is the researchers' concern over the increase of birds' song output?

  A. The environment might be polluted.

  B. The birds' health might be damaged.

  C. The industry cost might be increased.

  D.The people's hearing might be affected.

  44. What does the underlined word "nocturnal" in Paragraph 5 mean?

  A. Active at night. B. Inactive at night.

  C. Active during the day. D.Inactive during the day.

  45. Why do some birds thrive in noisy environments?

  A. Because there are fewer dangers.

  B. Because there is more food to eat.

  C. Because there is less light pollution

  D. Because there are more places to take shelter.


  No one is sure how the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids near Cairo. But a new study suggests they used a little rock‘n’roll. Long-ago builders could have attached wooden pole s to the stones and rolled then across the sand, the scientists say.

  “Technically, I think what they’re proposing is possible,” physicist Daniel Bonn said.

  People have long puzzled over how the Egyptians moved such huge rocks. And htere’s no obvious answer. On average, each of the two mollion big stones weighed about as much as a large pickup truck. The Egyptians smehow moved the stone blocks to the pyramid site from about one kilometer away.

  The most popular view is that Egyptian workes slid the blocks along smooth paths. Many scientists suspect wokers first would haveput the blocks on sleds(滑板). Then they would have dragged them along paths. To make the work easier, workers may have lubricated the paths either with wet clay or with the fat from cattle. Bonn has now tested this idea by building small sleds and dragging heavy objects over sand.

  Evidence from the sand supports this idea. Resrarchers found small amounts of fat, as well as a large amount of stone and the remains of paths.

  However , physicist Joseph West think there might have been a simpler way , led the new study . West said , “I was inspired while watching a television program showing how sleds might have helped with pyramid construction . I thought , ‘Why don’t they just try rolling the things ? ‘ ” A square could be turned into a rough sort of wheel by attaching wooden poles to its sides , he realized . That , he notes , should make a block of stone “a lot easier to roll than a square”.

  So he tried it.

  He and his students tied some poles to each of four sides of a 30-kilogram stone block.That action turned the block into somewhat a wheel.Then they placed the block on the ground.

  They wrapped one end of a rope around the block and pulled.The researchers found they could easily roll the block along different kinds of paths.They calculated that rolling the block required about as much force as moving it along a slippery(滑的)path.

  West hasn’t tested his idea on larger blocks,but he thinks rolling has clear advantages over sliding.At least,workers woldn’t have needed to carry cattle fat or water to smooth the paths.

  46.It’s widely believed that the stone blocks were moved to the pyramid site by ______.

  A.rolling them on roads

  B.pushing them over the sand

  C.sliding them on smooth paths

  D.dragging them on some poles

  47.The underlined part “lubricated the paths” in Paragraph 4 means____.

  A.made the path wet

  B.made the path hard

  C.made the path wide

  D.made the path slippery

  48.What does the underlined word “it”in Paragraph 7 refer to?

  A.Rolling the blocks with poles attached.

  B.Rolling the blocks on wooden wheels.

  C.Rolling poles to move the blocks.

  D.rolling the blocks with fat.

  49. Why is rolling better than sliding according to West ?

  A. Because more force is needed for sliding.

  B. Because rolling work can be done by fewer cattle.

  C. Because sliding on smooth road is more dangerous.

  D. Because less preparation on path is needed for rolling.

  50. What is the text mainly about ?

  A. An experiment on ways of moving blocks to the pyramid site.

  B. An application of the method of moving blocks to the pyramid site.

  C. An argument about different methods of moving blocks to the pyramid site.

  D. An introduction to a possible new way of moving blocks to the pyramid site.



  A: I need to lose some weight. My clothes don’t fit anymore. __51___

  B: Well, instead of watching TV all day, you could do more exercise.


  B: Like cycling, or you could work out at the gym.

  A: I don’t have time. ____53____

  B: OK, then you could change your diet. _____54____

  A: You mean no more hamburgers! Oh no!

  B: OK.___55____


  第三部分 写作(共三节,满分60分)

  第一節 浏览表现:



  It was a hot summer day that found me running down the street with a dollar in my sweaty hand.The closer I got to Sam & Joe's Stationery Store, the more excited I was. After all, a dollar was a tidy sum for an 11-year-old boy in 1961.

  Out of breath, I swung open the door and got a blast of cold air that instantly cooled me off. I was in a place of pure happiness. Sam & Joe's had it all一books, candy, toys,basebail cards,puzzles and games. I went directly to the bar and ordered a bottle of soda. There I sat, considering my next move.

  Books always came first.I picked out five titles.Nexe came the candy, rows and rows of it. I chose five candy bars, which brought my total to 25 cents. Then a betie of cold orange juice, a bag of chips and a pack of Ted Williams baseball cards. After peying the elerk,I still had 5 cents.

  I hurried directly to my backyard, where an apple tree patiently waited for me. There, sitting in the shade against its strong trunk, I read my books, ate my candy and drank my orange juice.

  As I sat in my own personal heaven,I started thinking about having

  more.That's when afantastic life-changing idea popped into head: If I could get more money,could buy more books l liked. buy anything l wanted. That's how it all started.

  56.How did the boy fell on his way to Sam & Joe’s(no more than 5 words)

  57.What does”a tidy sum”mean in Paragraph 1?(no more than 5 words)

  58.What did the boy consider doing first after he ordered soda?(no more than 5 woeds)

  59.What did the boy do while reading?(no more than 5 words)

  60.Where was the boy’s”personal heavan”?(no more than 9 words)











  Hi, Janice,

  It's been a month since I came to this new school and I really want share with you some of the

  problems I have been experiencing.

  As I tell you last time, I made three new friend here. We hang out together during lunch and

  after school. We've been spending a lot of time sing in karaoke bars. It's been three Saturdays

  now and it really costs me many. And I started to see this as a time—wasting activity! In fact ,I don’t like to go anymore, so I’m afraid I’ll lose their friendship. How do you think I should do? If you are me ,would you talk to him?

  Please help with me and give me some advice.



  假如你是李夏。你看到关国留老师Sharon 在网上发贴,.盼望有人能帮手她进步一般话(Mandarin)程度,她可能教英语作为报答。请银据以下提示用英语给她写一封电于哪件。









  Hi Sharon,

  This is Li Xia. I learned from your post that you want to improve your Mandarm_________________